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 +====== VectorLength3D ======
 +{{tag>​math vectors}}
 +''​fixed VectorLength3D(fixed x, fixed y, fixed z)''​
 +===== Description =====
 +Returns the length of the given 3D vector.
 +===== Example =====
 +Show 3D distance between actors:
 +int x = GetActorX(tid2) - GetActorX(tid1);​
 +int y = GetActorY(tid2) - GetActorY(tid1);​
 +int z = GetActorZ(tid2) - GetActorZ(tid1);​
 +int distance = length3d(x, y, z),
 +print(s:"​The two actors are ", f:distance, s:" mapunits apart in 3D space"​);​
 +<note tip>Use [[ActorDistance]] instead of the example code above.</​note>​
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