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HUD Library

HUD Library is an advanced replacement for HudMessage. It uses HUD Library State instead of many function arguments and implements scaling and 3D HudMessages.

Here is an example:

HudResetState(); // Just like calling SetFont and SetHudSize before HudMessage.
HudSetPoint(320.0, 240.0);
HudDrawText(1, "Hello");

The only drawing functions in HUD Library are HudDrawText and HudDrawImage. They call SetHudSize, SetFont and then HudMessage(Bold) every time a message is drawn. This means that if you are mixing HUD Library with HudMesasge, then, after calling one of HudDraw* functions, your SetHudSize and SetFont settings are lost and you need to set them back.

In particular, scaling is implemented by calling SetHudSize with values that don't match those set in HudSetVirtualSize.

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