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 ^ pressed|[[functions:KeyPressed]]|[[functions:KeyPressedAny]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyPressed]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyPressedAny]]| ^ pressed|[[functions:KeyPressed]]|[[functions:KeyPressedAny]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyPressed]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyPressedAny]]|
 ^ released|[[functions:KeyReleased]]|[[functions:KeyReleasedAny]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyReleased]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyReleasedAny]]| ^ released|[[functions:KeyReleased]]|[[functions:KeyReleasedAny]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyReleased]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyReleasedAny]]|
 +^ toggled|[[functions:KeyToggled]]|[[functions:KeyToggledAny]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyToggled]]|[[functions:PlayerKeyToggledAny]]|
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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 Each key can be Each key can be
   * **Up** or **down** at any moment.   * **Up** or **down** at any moment.
-  * **Pressed**, if it was up during the previous tick but is now down. +  * **Pressed**, if it was **up** during the previous tick but is now **down**
-  * **Released**, if it was down during the previous tick but is now up.+  * **Released**, if it was **down** during the previous tick but is now **up**.
   * **Toggled**, if it is **pressed** or **released**.   * **Toggled**, if it is **pressed** or **released**.
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