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-====== GetCVarFixed ====== 
-  * ''​fixed a_GetCVarFixed(str name)''​ 
-  * ''​fixed a_GetUserCVarFixed(int player, str name)''​ 
-ZDoom doesn'​t provide a version of [[zdoom>​GetCVar]] that returns the value of a float cvar. 
-ACSUtils implements ''​a_GetCVarFixed''​ and ''​a_GetUserCVarFixed''​ by calling [[zdoom>​GetCVarString]] to retrieve its value as a string and parsing that string using ACSUtils [[new:​number_parsing|number parsing functions]]. 
-The functions have an ''​a_''​ prefix, because [[GDCC]] has its own unrelated ''​GetCVarFixed''​ function, which would cause a compiler error in GDCC if the ACSUtils functions were just called ''​GetCVarFixed''​ and ''​GetUserCVarFixed''​.