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-====== ZDoom RNG myths ====== 
-Many modders are convinced that ZDoom'​s [[zdoom>​Random]] function is not statistically random, or returns the same sequence of random numbers in different games. As a result, some mods try to enhance the randomness by creating a custom RNG that factors in [[zdoom>​Timer]] or actor positions, or combines multiple calls to [[zdoom>​Random]],​ and use it throughout the mod. 
-While this non-randomness of [[zdoom>​Random]] was probably true previously, it is not anymore. Zandronum 2.0+ and GZDoom 1.8.6+ (as verified, likely earlier versions too) use high-quality statistically random [[wp>​Mersenne Twister]] RNG and don't output the same sequence in different games or rounds. 
-Therefore, "​enhancing"​ the RNG will only likely make it **less** random in modern versions of source ports. It is recommended to remove any custom RNG code from mods. 
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