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What is ACSUtils?

ACSUtils is a huge ACS library for Zandronum modding fully compatible with Zandronum 3.0 and (G)ZDoom >=1.8.6, and the three major ACS compilers – ACC, BCC and GDCC.

A BCC-exclusive version called BCSUtils that takes advantage of BCC is available.

List of all functions ACSUtils provides

How do I use it?


Changelogs and upgrade guides. Use them to upgrade your project to the latest ACSUtils.


ACSUtils is licensed under the MIT license and is developed by the following authors:

  • Korshun
  • DjSkaarj
  • Monsterovich
  • TechnoDoomed1
  • FusedQyou

GitHub – contributions are welcome.

If you think that a function can be useful for other projects, don't hesitate to suggest it.


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