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fixed a_GetCVarFixed(str name)

This function is called a_GetCVarFixed() because it conflicts with GDCC's unrelated GetCVarFixed().


Returns the value of an int or float CVar as a fixed-point number.

Returns 0 if the CVar doesn't exist or is not a number.

The function works by calling GetCVarString and parsing the text with atof.


int mul = a_GetCVarFixed("mymod_multiplier"); // declared as float in CVARINFO
int value = FixedMul(x, mul);

From UpdateCursor source:

int sensitivity = a_GetCVarFixed("mouse_sensitivity");
int speedX = FixedDiv(CursorSpeedX, FixedMul(a_GetCVarFixed("m_yaw"), sensitivity));
int speedY = FixedDiv(CursorSpeedY, FixedMul(a_GetCVarFixed("m_pitch"), sensitivity));

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