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GDCC is an alternative ACS compiler, and also a standards-compliant compiler of the C programming language to ACS VM bytecode.

The ACS compiler part of GDCC is called GDCC-ACC. The rest is the C compiler.

Known bugs

Missing "return" statement executes random other function's code

This bug is extremely hard to detect.
function int f(void)
    // accidentally wrote "int" instead of "void"
    // This function will now proceed to some other random function's code

Functions that return a value but don't have “return” in the code will execute some other random function's code due to the compiler ignoring the missing return statement.

Functions without forward declarations can be called incorrectly

function void f(void)
    int x = g(1, 2, 3);

function void g(void)
    // This function does NOT return a value
    // and does NOT accept 3 arguments.

If a function is used before it's declared, GDCC allows ANY call to the function, unlike ACC and BCC.

Compiler errors result in 0 bytes compiled ACS

Some fatal compiler errors do not result in an error message, but in a compiled ACS file that is 0 bytes long.

Incomprehensible compiler errors

Bad gen Retn means that the name of the function is already used elsewhere.

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