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Inventory functions


ACSUtils provides extra functions to operate on inventory.

Just like GiveInventory/GiveActorInventory and TakeInventory/TakeActorInventory, every function is provided in two variants: one operating on the activator and the other operating on the actor with the specified tid.


  • void SetInventory(str item, int count)
  • void SetActorInventory(int tid, str item, int count)


  • void ToggleInventory(str item)
  • void ToggleActorInventory(int tid, str item, int count)


  • void GiveMaxInventory(str item)
  • void TakeMaxInventory(str item)
  • void GiveMaxActorInventory(int tid, str item)
  • void TakeMaxActorInventory(int tid, str item)
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