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HUD Library


  1. Call SetFont:
    1. If text message: call SetFont with current font
    2. If image message: call SetFont with the chosen image
  2. If 3D HudMessage:
    1. Project target point onto the screen
    2. Compute scale factor from distance if AutoDistanceScale is enabled
  3. Call SetHudSize to scale the message, taking VirtualSize and Scale into account
  4. Finally call HudMessage or HudMessageBold


General settings:

  • HUD coordinate system size – HudSetVirtualSize(fixed width, fixed height)
  • Position – HudSetPoint(fixed x, fixed y)
  • Scale – HudSetScale(fixed scale)

Text-only settings:

  • Font – HudSetFont(str fontname)
  • Text color – HudSetTextColor(int color) or HudSetTextColorString(str colorname)
  • Type-on mode – HudSetTextTypeOn(bool enabled)
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