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 Take all items of type ''​itemname''​ from actor. Shorthand for ''​TakeInventory(itemname,​ INT_MAX)''​. Take all items of type ''​itemname''​ from actor. Shorthand for ''​TakeInventory(itemname,​ INT_MAX)''​.
 +===== ToggleInventory =====
 +  * ''​void ToggleInventory(str itemname)''​
 +  * ''​void ToggleActorInventory(str itemname)''​
 +If the actor has no ''​itemname'',​ give one item of this type. If it has one or more item of ''​itemname'',​ take them all.
 +This is a shorter way of writing ''​x = !x''​ when using inventory items as boolean variables.
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