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void SyncVariable(int tid, num value)

num - any numeric type (int or fixed)


Synchronizes an arbitrary numeric variable from server to all clients using an unused tid. The synchronized value can be read clientside using GetSyncVar and GetSyncVarDefault.

SyncVariable optimizes network traffic to only send packets if the synchronized variable is different.

This function works by spawning an undetectable indestructible actor the first time it's called and using its Speed property to synchronize the value.

You can't synchronize strings this way because dynamic string indices are different between the server and the client. To synchronize strings, use a custom serverside string cvar in CVARINFO.


This function is intended to be used every tic in a single serverside OPEN script:

script "SyncVariables" OPEN
	SyncVariable(TID_LIVESCOUNT, Lives);
	SyncVariable(TID_LIVINGMONSTERCOUNT, LivingMonsterCount());
	SyncVariable(TID_LIFEGAIN, GainedLives);

This makes property synchronization immediate and efficient (no net traffic when no property changes happen).

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