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BCSUtils is an enhanced version of ACSUtils designed for use with the BCC compiler. BCSUtils is not a separate project. ACSUtils and BCSUtils are produced from the same source code and always stay in sync. BCSUtils has exactly the same functions and constants as ACSUtils, so all ACSUtils documentation also works for BCSUtils.

All ACSUtils documentation always uses the most specific types (fixed, bool, etc instead of int), so all its declarations match BCSUtils.

The only exception is when the documentation uses num (meaning that both int and fixed work in this context) in function declarations. BCSUtils versions of such functions use raw (any type) in place of num, because BCC doesn't have a way to express an “int or fixed” type.

Differences from ACSUtils

  • Supports strict typing for all functions and constants.
  • All functions are in the BCSUtils namespace.
  • Requires BCC and can only be included from .bcs files.

Using BCSUtils

Just include bcsutils.bcs instead of acsutils.acs and make sure the file you're including it from is .bcs and not .acs.

#include "zcommon.bcs"
#include "bcsutils.bcs"

// This line is optional and makes all BCSUtils functions
// usable without writing the "BCSUtils." prefix
using BCSUtils; 
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