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Welcome to the ACSUtils Wiki

ACSUtils is a big ACS library for Zandronum modding fully compatible with Zandronum 3.0 and (G)ZDoom >=1.8.6, and the three major ACS compilers – ACC, BCC and GDCC.

A BCC-exclusive version called BCSUtils that takes advantage of BCC is available.



Changelogs and upgrade guides. Use them to upgrade your project to the latest ACSUtils.


ACSUtils is licensed under the MIT license and is developed by the following authors:

  • Korshun
  • DjSkaarj
  • Monsterovich
  • TechnoDoomed1
  • FusedQyou

GitHub – contributions are welcome.

If you think that a function can be useful for other projects, don't hesitate to suggest it.

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