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ZDoom provides GetCVar for ints and GetCVarString for strings, but doesn't provide a way to retrieve the value of float CVars. ACSUtils implements GetCVarFixed by calling GetCVarString to retrieve the value of the CVar as a string, and parsing it with atof.

If the CVar's value is outside the range of fixed-point numbers, the result is clamped to -32768.0..32767.99997 range.
The function names begin with a_ because GDCC defines its own broken GetCVarFixed, which causes a compilation error if another function named GetCVarFixed exists.
If you're not using GDCC, you can remove the a_ prefix by adding the following to your code:
function GetCVarFixed(str name)
    return a_GetCVarFixed(name);

function GetUserCVarFixed(int player, str name)
    return a_GetUserCVarFixed(player, name);



fixed a_GetCVarFixed(str name)

Analogous to GetCVar and GetCVarString.


fixed a_GetUserCVarFixed(int player, str name)

A version of GetCVarFixed for user CVars. Calls GetCVarString internally instead of GetCVar. Analogous to GetUserCVar and GetUserCVarString.

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