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ACC is the official ACS compiler.

Alternative ACS compilers: BCC, GDCC.

Known bugs

256 function limit

ACSUtils has a lot more than 256 functions, but official releases of ACC can't compile programs with more than 256 functions.

To fix this, download the April 26, 2017 development version of ACC (unofficial build for Windows):

Mixing strings and numbers in an array corrupts the numbers

int SomeArray[] = {

Can result in 1 and 3.14159 getting corrupted.

ACC incorrectly writes initial array values, resulting in some numbers getting interpreted as string indices and recalculated to avoid string index conflicts between libraries.

This bug only affects non-local arrays and happens randomly, usually only with large arrays.

To avoid this bug, do not use static initialization with non-local arrays, this includes multidimensional arrays, instead, declare an empty array and initialize it in a function:

int SomeArray[3];

function void InitArrays()
    int i = 0;
    SomeArray[i++] = 1;
    SomeArray[i++] = 3.14159;
    SomeArray[i++] = "string";

Or, in a more beautiful way:

int SomeArray[3];
int SomeArrayCount = 0;

function void AddEntry(int x)
    SomeArray[SomeArrayCount++] = x;

function void InitArray(void)

Strange compiler crash (ACC 1.56 beta Windows build only)

#include "zcommon.acs"

function int f(void)
    while (0)
    return 0;

function int g(void)
    while (0)
    return 0;

This code causes the compiler to enter an infinite loop. Any of the following fixes the issue:

  • Removing one of the functions
  • Removing return 0; in one of the functions (causes compiler error, as expected)
  • Replacing continue; with break; in one of the functions

But the following does not:

  • Changing the loop condition
  • Replacing int with void
  • Adding more code before and after continue, both inside and outside the loop
  • Adding more functions anywhere else
  • Replacing “while” loop with “for”

Local variable names can conflict with global names

#define SOMENAME1 1
int somename2 = 2;
function void somename3(void) {}

function f(int somename1) // ERROR
    int somename2; // ERROR
    int somename3; // ERROR

Local variables can't have the same names as any global names (function, constant, variable names). Unlike other compilers, local variable names don't shadow the global names, but trigger a compiler error.

No "fixed" type

There is no type called fixed in ACC. Only int, bool and str.

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