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Array sorting and shuffling

These functions will be added in ACSUtils 1.8.0


void SortArray(int begin, int end, str lt, str swap)

Sorts an array with indices in range [begin, end).

lt is the name of a script to compare two elements. It must return comparison result using SetResultValue.

swap is the name of a script to swap two elements.

Example: sorting a simple array:

int array[10];

script "compare_two_elements" (int a, int b)
    SetResultValue(array[a] < array[b]);

script "swap_two_elements" (int a, int b)
    int temp = array[a];
    array[a] = array[b];
    array[b] = temp;

function void SortTheArray(void)
    SortArray(0, 10, "compare_two_elements", "swap_two_elements");
    // You can also sort sub-arrays:
    SortArray(3, 8, "compare_two_elements", "swap_two_elements");

Example: making a scoreboard sorted by score:

int Players[MAX_PLAYERS];
int PlayerScores[MAX_PLAYERS];
int NumPlayers;

script "lt" (int a, int b)
    SetResultValue(PlayerScores[a] > PlayerScores[b]);

script "swap" (int a, int b)
    swap(Players[a], Players[b]);
    Players[a] = r1;
    Players[b] = r2;
    swap(PlayerScores[a], PlayerScores[b]);
    PlayerScores[a] = r1;
    PlayerScores[b] = r2;

function void BuildScoreboard(void)
    // Fill scoreboard without sorting
    for (int player = 0; player < MAX_PLAYERS; player++)
        if (PlayerInGame(player))
        Players[NumPlayers] = player;
        PlayerScores[NumPlayers] = GET_PLAYER_SCORE(player);
    // Sort it by score
    SortArray(0, NumPlayers, "lt", "swap");
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